The World's Forests: Multiple Crises Call for Resolute Action

Stockholm Congress Statement calls for immediate and responsible actions - Daniela Kleinschmit next IUFRO President - 27th IUFRO World Congress in Nairobi in 2029.

"The forest science community can be relied upon to provide the solid knowledge base needed by decision makers at all levels - from individual citizens to governments - to evaluate the benefits, risks and trade-offs related to forest- and other land-based commodity production options, consumption choices and policies across sectors," says IUFRO President Dr. John Parrotta.

Call for Action

Dr. Elena Paoletti, Chair of the Congress Scientific Committee, sums up the call for action, "The Congress urges decision makers, forest managers and business experts to make best use of the knowledge and recommendations of the global science community to: Strengthen forest resilience and climate adaptation; Maintain and enhance the social values of forests for sustainable societies; Expand the role of forests and forest products in a responsible circular bioeconomy; and Transform forest-related sciences for the future. Action at all levels in line with these messages can contribute to maintaining a stable planet that continues to support life and human well-being.

Handing over of Presidency

At the end of the XXVI IUFRO World Congress on 29 June 2024, IUFRO will have a new president. Dr. Daniela Kleinschmit, Professor of Forest and Environmental Policy at Albert-Ludwig-University of Freiburg, Germany, and current IUFRO Vice President, will take office for the next five years. She succeeds Dr. John Parrotta from the US Forest Service, who has been IUFRO President since 2019.

27th IUFRO World Congress in Nairobi, Kenya

The 27th IUFRO World Congress 2029 will bring the event to the African continent for the first time and will take place in Nairobi, Kenya. The theme of the congress is "Advancing Global Partnerships in Forestry Research and Development".

Dr. Jane Njuguna, Acting Director of Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), the host organization, extends a cordial invitation at the closing of the Stockholm Congress, "As we prepare to host the 27th IUFRO World Congress in 2029, we celebrate a triumph not only for Kenya but for Africa."


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