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Honorary Members of IUFRO: 1953 - 2019

This booklet presents for the first time short biographical stories of the Honorary Members of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) from the beginning of the establishment of this highest IUFRO Award in 1953.

All of these extraordinary individuals had a profound impact on IUFRO and contributed to the growth and development of this unique organization. Their personal stories and professional careers also reflect how the discipline of forest research has evolved and under which social, economic and political conditions this has happened. IUFRO's Honorary Members are prime examples of how wise leadership can support a formidable cause and how hurdles can be overcome and opportunities can be grasped. Their experiences constitute a very valuable resource from which lessons can be learned and a foundation on which future plans can be built. Recording these experiences is incredibly important for the future of IUFRO. And these experiences are surely most valuable for those currently involved in steering IUFRO into the future.

Teplyakov, Victor K. 2019. Honorary Members of IUFRO: 1953–2019. Vienna, IUFRO. 102 p.
ISBN: 978-3-903345-01-0

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