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IUFRO Spotlight #38 - Climate Change and Invasive Alien Species Worsen Outlook for Forest Health

Special Issue of "Forestry" on invasions of insects and pathogens, climate change, forest management and their interactions.

IUFRO Division 7 officeholders Dr. Brockerhoff of Scion (the New Zealand Forest Research Institute) and Dr. Tod Ramsfield of the Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada, along with Drs. Barbara Bentz of the United States Forest Service, Massimo Faccoli of the University of Padua, and Hervé Jactel of INRA, France, coordinated this special issue of Forestry published by Oxford University Press.

Eight of the nine papers in the special issue were initially presented at the IUFRO World Congress in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2014, but the issues they raise are becoming increasingly relevant worldwide. 

The articles point out the complex and multifaceted impacts of invasive species. Individually, the threats posed to forest ecosystems by invasive pests are serious. So, too, are the threats posed by climate.

At this point, interactions among climate change, native pests, invasive aliens and their outcomes are poorly understood and, therefore, difficult to predict. But it seems clear that the cumulative impacts on forest ecosystems will be exacerbated.

The special issue of Foresty can be found at: http://forestry.oxfordjournals.org/content/89/3.toc


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