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Congress Spotlight #65 - Tying up loose ends in gender equality in forestry

The IUFRO2019 Congress Session on "Women and Forests: Promoting Gender Equality Connecting Research, Public Policies and Forest Management in the Tropics" will address such loose ends.

"In recent years gender equality in forestry has received a lot of attention – or lip service, anyway – but that's not good enough. There exist a lot of loose ends at the practice and at the policy level," says Dr. Purabi Bose, author, social environmental scientist, filmmaker and Deputy Coordinator of the IUFRO Gender and Forestry Research Group.  The session she is organizing together with Dr. Ana Euler of Embrapa, Brazil, shall help to better understand the position of women in the forestry sector, especially as it relates to entrepreneurship, public policy and networking.

What makes this session different is the platform. For the first time the IUFRO Congress is being held in Latin America and, being one of the oldest and most relevant congresses related to forests and tree science, the Congress will attract a diverse range of stakeholders from across the globe as well as Latin America, to share their evidence-based work. Dr. Euler noted that even though gender equality may not be a new subject worldwide, that's not true in Latin America. "It just isn't being widely discussed within the forest sector here."

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