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Spotlight #82 - More local involvement one key to FLR success

Recent survey paper "Forest Landscape Restoration – What Generates Failure and Success" highlights various problems and success factors with FLR projects on a global scale.

Several members of the IUFRO Task Force (TF) entitled Transforming Forest Landscapes for Future Climates and Human Well-being developed the paper. It summarizes the information provided in a global online survey on experiences with forest restoration and adaptation.

Markus Hoehl, of Germany' Thuenen Institute, and the main author of the paper, points out, "when local communities, their goals and needs, are disregarded in project planning and implementation, as reported from various cases in our survey, there is a risk of project failure."

Among its conclusions, the paper notes: "Research is needed to gain a better understanding of the perception of local communities towards restoration activities. Further studies on the implementation of forest restoration at the intersection of environmental factors, socioeconomic conditions, forest regeneration/silviculture, and nursery production are needed."

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