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IUFRO News Vol. 40, Issue 6, June 2011

Read an interview with IUFRO Vice-President Su See Lee and reports from a symposium on land owner extension, a forest inventory workshop, a forest pathology meeting, and the forestry leaders' summit.

In this issue, Dr. Su See Lee, IUFRO Vice-President for Task Forces, Special Programmes, Projects and IUFRO-led Initiatives talks, among other things, about her career path, her view on the current and future role of IUFRO, and the development of forest-related research. Meeting reports inform about a symposium in Finland on "Recent Advances in Land Owner Extension", a workshop in Italy on "Emerging Issues of Forest Inventory and Integration with Remote Sensing", a meeting in Spain on forest diseases and the "Forestry Leaders' Summit" in Canada. Of course, you will also find information about relevant publications and upcoming IUFRO meetings.

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