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IUFRO News Vol. 41, Double Issue 6&7, July 2012

The First IUFRO-FORNESSA Regional Congress held in Kenya from 25-29 June, the "Forests for People" conference in Austria in May and other important meetings and news are highlighted in this issue.

The main focus of the extremely successful first IUFRO/FORNESSA Regional Congress in Nairobi this June was on the impact of forest science on the conservation and sustainable management and use of forest and tree resources primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa.  The "Forests for People" conference held in Austria in May, which was also most successful, offered a platform to discuss global trends, examine the role of forests in a broader societal context and, define emerging key issues of strong interest to policy makers, society and groups inside and outside the forest sector. The conference certainly underlined the need for social science in forestry. Entomological research in Mediterranean forest ecosystems was highlighted at the MEDINSECT 3 conference in Hammamet, Tunisia in May. A series of interesting announcements ranging from new publications to open positions and upcoming meetings etc. rounds off this double issue of IUFRO News.

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