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IUFRO News Vol. 41, Issue 9, September 2012

A record number of more than 500 researchers from all over the world gathered at IUFRO's All Division 5 conference in Portugal to discuss "Forests and Forest Products Now and in the Future".

Read a detailed report from the highly successful IUFRO Division 5 "Forest Products" conference held from 8-13 July 2012 in Estoril, Portugal. The agenda was organized along the overriding themes of: Forests for People, Forests and Climate Change, Bioenergy, Resources for the Future, and Wood in Construction as well as Cork and Sustainability. Learn about the 1st Brazilian Meeting on Forest Mensuration (MENSUFLOR) and, the 12th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference, for the first time held in South America, in Belém, Brazil. You will also find a report from a NASA meeting on "Impacts of extreme weather on natural, socio-economic, and land-use systems: Focus on the 2010 summer anomaly in the Volga region" in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, involving IUFRO 8.01.06. And don't miss the announcements of upcoming meetings, positions, publications etc.

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