Research Series


Research Series 9 - Environmental Change and Geomorphic Hazards in Forests

This volume reviews current knowledge on hydrological impacts, including flooding and soil erosion, desertification in Mediterranean Europe and Africa, landslides, mangrove forests and hazards along shorelines, and includes examples from all five continents.

Edited by R C Sidle, National University of Singapore
Publication Date: September 2002; Number of Pages: 256 Pages; Binding: Hardback

ISBN: 0851995985

Price: £49.95 (US$ 90.00) (There is a discount of 25% for IUFRO members who state the membership number of their organization.

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Environmental and climate change is affecting forests and land use in numerous ways, including increasing the risk of geomorphic hazards. Such hazards include surface erosion, desertification and related land degradation. Yeti t i soften difficult to distinguish between the influences of climate change from those of changing forest land use, on geomorphic hazards.

This volume reviews current knowledge on these issues and features include:

  • Hydrologic impacts, including flooding and soil erosion
  • Desertification in Mediterranean Europe and Africa
  • Landslides
  • Mangrove forests and hazards along shorelines
  • Examples from all five continents