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Scientific Summary 151 in IUFRO News Vol. 47, Issue 10/11, early November 2018

Conference pointed out the need for inter-disciplinary research and international collaboration to adapt the management of Eucalyptus plantations to rapid abiotic changes and expanding frontiers of Eucalyptus pests.

Managing Eucalyptus Plantations under Global Changes

Eucalypt plantations cover approximately 25 million hectares worldwide and are expanding rapidly to provide the raw material for wood, paper, and biofuel products as well as large amounts of firewood and charcoal for domestic uses. However, there is a need for the management of these plantations to adapt to imminent changes.

Against this background, a conference on "Managing Eucalyptus Plantations under Global Changes” was held on 17-21 September 2018 in Montpellier, France. The conference, which was hosted by CIRAD and Isite Muse and co-sponsored by IUFRO Working Parties 1.02.01 and 2.08.03 Improvement and Culture of Eucalyptus attracted 218 participants from 33 countries.

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