2.09.02 - Somatic embryogenesis and other vegetative propagation technologies


Symposium announcement: ARBUTUS 2024

ARBUTUS 2024, the International Symposium on Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree) and related species: from biology to biotechnology will be held from 28 to 30 October 2024 in Coimbra, Portugal. The Symposium Topics include Plant propagation, Phytochemical characterization, Breeding and germplasm evaluation, Pathogens and pests control, and New uses and commercialization.

Appropriate links and deadlines can be found at the Conference Website.

In case of any question about this event, please contact the Symposium Conveners: Jorge Canhoto (jorgecan@uc.pt) and João Martins (joao.martins@uc.pt).


Full-time position announcement : Researcher / Senior Researcher within Somatic Embryogenesis (SweTree Technologies, Umeå, Sweden)

A full-time position (Researcher / Senior Researcher within Somatic Embryogenesis) is now open at SweTree Technologies (attached advertisement), an innovative forest biotechnology company developing trees for the future.

The recipient will focus on process development within vegetative propagation through Somatic Embryogenesis for large-scale SE-based plant production. This position will be a key-resource in SweTrees ongoing development of automated SE and new SE species.

This is an exciting opportunity for relatively recent graduate with knowledge and work experience of cell and tissue culture after a doctoral degree. Experience in somatic embryogenesis is extra valuable.

Contact at Swetrees for questions and submission of applications: Karin Johansson (COO), karin.johansson@swetree.com.

Please forward this information to any interested colleague. Note that there is no deadline, selection and interviews will take place continuously. Application must be sent immediately.

See this link for more information: https://swetree.com/career



6th IUFRO 2.09.02 Conference

The might of vegetative propagation for healthy and productive forests to face climate challenges
Rotorua, New Zealand; 3-8 March 2024

In the context of rapid climate change, there is an urgent need for cost-effective, efficient tree vegetative propagation (bio)technologies for supporting the development of precision forestry and delivery of forest products and services. Innovative technologies could be of importance for both deployment of adapted, healthy, commercial varieties in planted forests and preservation of natural forest areas, thus to the integrated benefit of the industry and society. In New Zealand there is a marked societal dimension in forestry through the historical strong and practical involvement of Te Ao Māori.

The programme sessions proposed will cover all fields of application of vegetative propagation to preserve, assess, improve, adapt, and deploy tree genetic resources in resilient and productive forests. We will encourage any submission on vegetative propagation of trees as a primary strategy and/ or in synergy with seed technologies to cope with climate change. Oral and poster presentations should be in line with the urgent need worldwide for large numbers of seed and plant resources from species and varieties adapted to the anticipated new conditions.

Important dates
Early-bird registration: 15 November (2023)
Abstract submission: 15 November (2023) - extended to 3 December (2023)
Acceptance of abstracts: by 30 November (2023)


Conference website - Flyer - 2nd announcement - Conference presentation
Article on the conference in Inside Government NZ News


Full-time position announcement : Propagation Scientist (Rotorua, New Zealand)

Dr. Jana Krajňáková, Senior Researcher for tissue culture and Project Leader at Scion, Rotorua, New Zealand, would like to announce that a full-time position (Propagation Scientist) is now being launched (Sept. 28) within the Plant Physiology and Development Research Group.

The recipient will lead and develop propagation research at Scion for both exotic and native forestry species with a focus on mechanisation, automation and sustainability of nursery systems. The position has also an important dimension in building strong relationships with third-party stakeholders and Māori communities towards science-led solutions for the forestry value chain.

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced forest propagation scientist to work closely with industry and to deliver science that contributes to better environmental, social and economic outcome for New Zealand.

Further information of candidates: follow this link.

Deadline for the application: October 21, 2022


Permanent job position announcement: Plant biology technician, in vitro culture specialist (Tours, France)

Dr. David Breton (Nestlé S.A., Tours, France) is informing us that a permanent job position for a Plant Biology Technician with skills in biotechnologies (especially in vitro culture) has just been announced (April 29, 2021).

The position is located at the Nestlé Plant Science Research Unit located in Tours (France) and requires a first experience (internship or employment) in the field of in vitro culture technologies applied to (woody) plants (micropropagation, including somatic embryogenesis) and microbiology. Within the Coffee and Cocoa Department, the job position will be in support to breeding projects to ensure the production and maintenance of in vitro plant cultures for both operational and research purposes.

For more information, follow this link. Contact: Sophie Lair

Deadline for the application: June 8, 2021.

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