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  • 3rd International Hybrid Symposium of Forest Engineering and Technologies (FETEC 2022): "Forest Transportation Solutions and IT Applications for Natural Disaster Management"; online and Baku, Azerbaijan; 28-29 November 2022. Units involved: 3.00.00, 3.01.00. Proceedings
  • All-Division 3 Conference and 44th Council on Forest Engineering and 54th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization: One big family - Shaping the future together; Corvallis, Oregon, United States; 4-7 October 2022. Proceedings
  • Joint 43rd Annual Meeting of Council on Forest Engineering (COFE) & 53rd International Symposium on Forest Mechanization (FORMEC): Forest Engineering Family – Growing Forward Together; online; 27-30 September 2021.  Units involved: 3.00.00, 3.01.00. Proceedings    
  • 52nd International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization jointed with Council of Forest Engineering meeting (FORMEC/COFE) "Exceeding the Vision: Forest Mechanisation of the Future". Sopron-Forchtenstein, Hungary-Austria, October 6-9, 2019. Symposium Proceedings
  • 51st International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization (FORMEC) "Improved Forest Mechanisation: Mobilizing natural resources and preventing wildfires". Madrid, Spain, 24-28 September 2018. Symposium Proceedings
  • 50th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization (FORMEC) "Innovating the competitive edge: From research to impact in the forest value chain". Brasov, Romania, 25-29 September 2017. Symposium Proceedings
  • FETEC 2016 "Forest Harvesting and Roading in Environmentally Sensitive Areas". Bursa, Turkey; 2-4  June 2016. Symposium Proceedings
  • COFE 2015 "Engineering Solutions for Non-Industrial Private Forest Operations". Lexington, Kentucky; USA, 19-22 July 2015. Symposium Proceedings
  • LEBEL L., BENJAMIN J., BEAUDOIN D., GINGRAS J-F., D’AMOURS S., DUBEAU D., TREMBLAY P-S. (editors). 2011. Engineering the forest value chain. 34th Council on Forest Engineering Annual Meeting. June 12-15, Quebec City, Canada. [Electronic ordering: printable PDF pages at]
  • Meeting multiple demands for forest information: New technologies in forest data gathering; Mount Gambier, Australia; 17-20 August 2009. Units involved: 4.01.00, 4.02.03, 6.15.00, 3.01.00. Book of Abstracts - Presentations
  • Keane, M.G, Kofman, P.D. (eds.) 1999. The Thinning Wood Chain. Proceedings of a IUFRO 3.09.00 International Conference on Harvesting and Economics of Thinnings. Ennis, Ireland. 4-7 May 1999. COFORD, Dublin, IRL.  
  • Gingras, J.-F. Ed. 2001. Thinnings: a valuable forest management tool. Proc. IUFRO Unit 3.09.00 Conf., Quebec City, Que. 9-14 Sept. 2001. For. Eng. Res. Inst. Can. (FERIC), Pointe-Claire, Que. CD-ROM. FERIC Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada, Montreal, Quebec. Copies of this CD are available at cost of CAD 20 plus taxes. A charge of CAD 5 for shipping and handling will be added.  
  • Roser, D., Askikainen, A. (eds.) 2004. Harvesting and Economics of Thinnings. Proceedings of a joint IUFRO 3.10.04 / 3.10.06 International Conference. Joensuu, Finland. May 7-9, 2003. Special issue of the Journal of Forest Engineering.


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Relevant Literature

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