Activities and events

This unit will actively participate in the following existing forest engineering conferences: FORMEC (annual), COFE (annual), Forest Engineering Conference (every four years), and Precision Forestry Symposium (bi-annual). 

This unit will have a strong presence during the upcoming IUFRO World Congress.  The following technical sessions will be devoted to the research fields of this unit:

  • C3b Digital transformation in wood industry
  • C3c Forest Operations Engineering and Management – Innovations for the Future
  • C3e Precision forestry
  • C3f Promoting the environmental, social and economic benefits by monitoring the performance of forest machines: new approaches in precision forest operations

This unit plans to establish an international research consortium aiming to encourage global collaboration in advancing forest technologies and addressing today’s challenges of forest sectors.

No upcoming meetings found for Unit 3.10.00.

Calendar of Meetings