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ForestSAT2020 - Last Call for Forests! Berlin, Germany
Contact: Piotr Wężyk, Email:,

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Upcoming IUFRO meetings

  • NEW DATE and LOCATION: 29 August - 3 SEPTEMBER 2022 in Berlin, Germany!
    ForestSAT2020 - Last Call for Forests!; Krakow, Poland; 14-18 September 2020. Conference homepage - Special Session 13: Time series analysis: Method advancements and applications for continuous forest monitoring 
    After careful consideration, and in light of ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic developments around the world, the 2020 Local Organizing Committee and ForestSAT Board of Directors have jointly decided to reschedule this year's ForestSAT conference to September 2022. While we are very sad to not connect with all of you this year or next, it is our hope that rescheduling will enable us to provide the experience that you have come to expect and deserve in a safe and stable environment. - The Organzing Committee


Past IUFRO meetings

  • Forest ecosystems in the conditions of climate change: biological productivity and remote sensing. online; 28-29 September 2021. Conference homepage - Report
  • "Breaking dimensions and resolutions of forest remote sensing data" - The 3rd Workshop SIG on Forestry, EARSeL; Krakow, Poland; 15-16 September 2016. Conference homepage
  • Decision Support Systems for Forestry Purposes; Łagów, Poland; 13-15 April 2015. Conference homepage - Report
  • XI Seminar on Remote Sensing and GIS applied to Forestry Engineering; Curitiba/Paraná, Brazil; 14–16 October 2014. Conference homepage
  • Forest Biomass Conference 2013; Dobiegniew, Pomerania Region, Poland; 7-9 October 2013. Conference homepage1st announcement - Report
  • X Seminar on Remote Sensing and GIS applied to Forestry Engineering/X Seminário de Atualização em Sensoriamento Remoto e Sistemas de Informações Geográficas Aplicados à Engenharia Florestal; Curitiba - Paraná; Brazil; 15-18 October 2012. Conference homepage
  • SilviLaser 2011 - 11th International Conference on LiDAR Applications for Assessing Forest Ecosystems: Applications for Assessing Forest Ecosystems; Hobart, Australia; 16-20 October 2011. Conference homepage
  • CarboForest Conference; Sękocin Stary, Poland; 21-23 September 2011. Conference homepage - Report
  • Silvilaser 2010, the 10th International Conference on LiDAR Applications for Assessing Forest Ecosystems; Freiburg i. Br., Germany; 14-17 September 2010.
  • IX Seminar on Remote Sensing and GIS applied to Forestry; Curitiba, Paraná State, Brazil; 19-21 October 2010. Conference homepage
  • Extending forest inventory and monitoring, over space and time; Quebec City, Canada, 19-22 May 2009. Units involved: 4.00.00, 4.01.00, 4.02.00, 4.02.05, 4.03.00. Conference homepage