Expertise offered by Unit

Research interests of Unit officeholders

Jan Kaspar

  • forest management and planning
  • decision support systems
  • sustainability
  • ecosystem services, non-timber forest products

Harald Vacik

  • decision support systems
  • sustainable forest management
  • silvicultural planning and decision making
  • multi-criteria decision making
  • forest fires

Research interests of Unit members

Dr. Harald Vacik, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Department of Forest and Soil Sciences, Institute of Silviculture, Austria, Vienna

Main research areas include multi-purpose forest management planning and decision making, development and application of multi-criteria decision support systems (DSS), Criteria & Indicators for sustainable forest management and the use of Hypermedia and Hypertext in computer based teaching (CBT)

(expertise of other members will be added)

Research interests of the Unit

  • Decision support
  • Modeling
  • Modeling tools
  • MCDA
  • Information systems,
  • Knowledge-base systems,
  • Computer based teaching
  • Criteria and indicators
  • Sustainable forest management
  • DSS
  • KB
  • C&I
  • SFM