Expertise offered by Unit

Research interests of Unit officeholders

Gilles Chaix

  • interaction tree development
  • wood formation and environment
  • wood phenotyping by near infrared (NIR)
  • spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging (HSI)

Adzo Dzifa KOKUTSE

  • qualité bois
  • valorisation bois
  • bois de plantation

Thulasidas PK

  • wood anatomy
  • wood identification
  • wood quality assessment of fast grown timbers
  • durability studies
  • juvenile wood characterization
  • non-destructive testing of wood by NIRs
  • dendroecological studies

Mario Tomazello Filho

  • wood anatomy and quality
  • dendrochronology
  • wood X-ray densitometry
  • wood formation and environment

Research interests of Unit

  • wood quality assessment of short-rotation teak wood
  • wood  property variation
  • durability
  • non-destructive evaluation of wood properties by NIRS