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20th Commonwealth Forestry Conference Vancouver, BC, Canada, online
Contact: Stephen Wyatt, Email:
Contact: Janette Bulkan, Email:

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20th Commonwealth Forestry Conference; online from University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 16-18 August 2021. IUFRO Units involved: 9.03.07, 9.03.00, 9.00.00, 6.10.01, 6.00.00. Conference homepage    

Goals of Working Group

The goals of the Working Group are:

  • to bring together diverse experts from across the globe to discuss SRoI and the methods used by SRoI;
  • to evaluate SRoI methods drawing on a variety of perspectives; and
  • to develop an SRoI framework for forest investments.



The following milestones and timelines guide the Working Group:

  1. Establish a steering committee, composed of SRoI experts, to collaborate to achieve the goals of the Working Group (September 2020);
  2. The steering committee will identify diverse methods for SRoI and evaluate these methods in a peer reviewed paper (May 2021);
  3. The steering committee will prepare a SRoI framework for forestry, drawing from literature review and interviews, and will apply the framework to different types of forestry, including native forests, plantations, agro-forestry (among others). A peer reviewed paper will be developed on the SRoI frameworks for forestry (December 2021);
  4. The results from this work will be presented at different conferences, and mobilized through social media another communication channels.