7.00.00 - Forest Health


Report on Division 7 Activities

What were the activities in Division 7 in 2020 - what effect did COVID-19 have on events and on the work in the Division as a whole?

Learn about the planned All-Division 7 conference, 6-9 September 2022, in Lisbon, Portugal, gender balance, geographic representation, junior & additional deputy coordinators and publications that were produced by Division 7 officeholders!

Available for downloadhttps://www.iufro.org/fileadmin/material/science/divisions/div7/70000/70000-annual-report-2020.pdf 


Publication Alert: Biological Invasions

Several Division 7 participants contributed to a special issue of the journal 'Biological Invasions' that was coordinated by the IUFRO Task Force on 'Biological Invasions in Forests'. This is the first major compilation of papers on invasions of forests across a wide range of taxa. Special issue editors were Sandy Liebhold (Coordinator of the Task Force and of RG 7.03 - Entomology), Ecki Brockerhoff (Div. 7 coordinator) and Martin Nuñez (an Argentine expert in invasions of non-native tree species). 

Details: https://link.springer.com/journal/10530/19/11/page/1
Contact and request for reprints: Andrew Liebhold, aliebhold@gmail.com  


Report on Division 7 Activities

Compiled by Eckehard Brockerhoff (Division 7), Elena Paoletti (RG 7.01 "Air Pollution & Climate Change"), Tod Ramsfield (RG 7.02 "Pathology"), and Andrew ("Sandy") Liebhold (RG 7.03 "Entomology"), this report informs about the latest news, activities and prominent topics in IUFRO Division 7 in 2017-2018.

Available for download: https://www.iufro.org/download/file/29617/2797/70000-report-2017-2018_pdf/


Hot off the press: Paper in Biological Invasions

A new paper has just been published in 'Biological Invasions' - on the use of botanic gardens to determine which pine species and other conifers are used as hosts by aphids, as a way of identifying tree species that would be attacked if a particular aphid invades the range of these tree species.

Can be accessed here: https://rdcu.be/5dxb or here: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10530-018-1817-x


Urgent need for global strategies on forest health

Keeping invasive pests out of forests should be a top priority for all countries, according to Scion Prinical Scientist and Coordinator of Division 7 – Forest Health, Dr. Eckehard Brockerhoff. "Forests worldwide are continually under threat from introduced insects and pathogens despite the best biosecurity efforts," Eckehard says.

Read the complete article by SCION at http://www.scionresearch.com/general/publications/scion-connections/urgent-need-for-global-strategies-on-forest-health.