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GreenRisk4ALPs Mountain Forest Conference online and Innsbruck, Austria
Contact: Michaela Teich, Email:

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Upcoming events

GreenRisk4ALPs Mountain Forest Conference; Innsbruck, Austria, and online; 28-29 June 2021. IUFRO Units involved: 8.03.00, 8.03.02. Conference homepage  

IUFRO past activities

  • Practical Forum on Forests and Avalanches; Innsbruck, Austria; 20 November 2019
  • Integral engineering solutions: from protection forest to temporary measures; Session during the International Snow Science Workshop; Innsbruck, Austria; 8 October 2018. Program 

Meetings of interest

International Snow Science Workshop; Innsbruck, Austria; 7-12 October 2018. Conference homepage

Snowpack slow movements and load on defence structures; Quart, Aosta, Italy; 16 June 2011.