8.03.06 - Impact of wind on forests


Call for Submissions: Special Issue of Frontiers in Forests and Global Change

Living with Tropical Storms in a Changing Climate

Tropical storms, including hurricanes, typhoons, thunderstorms, and derechos are a major disturbance in many regions of the world. They can induce major changes to forest ecosystems, including urban trees and forests. Tropical storms can cause casualties, have major economic impacts, and bring important changes to natural and urban environments. By removing standing trees, they have a profound effect on standing biomass and carbon sequestration. Additionally, tree uprooting will modify forest floor and edaphic characteristics, which will also influence ecosystem recovery and succession. In the context of climate change, their severity, as well as their spatial and temporal occurrence are likely to change. Understanding their impact in the current and future contexts requires a close collaboration between many disciplines, including climatology, meteorology, mechanics, forestry and ecology.

This Special Issue intends to bring together specialists from various disciplines to build an integrated understanding of the current and the future effects of tropical storms on trees and forests in different parts of the world. We are seeking state-of-the-art papers in the form of Original Research and Reviews that address the following topics: - Tropical storm impacts in natural ecosystems; - Tropical storm impacts on urban trees and forests; - Climate change and changes in tropical storm occurrence; - Forest recovery after tropical storms; - Economic impacts of tropical storms on forested ecosystems and on urban trees [and forests]; - Monitoring tropical storm damage and responses of forests and trees; - Mitigation of the impact of tropical storm

Submission Deadlines
Abstracts: 8 November 2020
Manuscripts: 8 March 2020

Further details: https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/16298/living-with-tropical-storms-in-a-changing-climate


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Tree Motion and Wind Measurement Workshop
Roskilde, Denmark; 23-25 April 2018     

Two special issues are published from this workshop:

Agriculture and Forest Meteorology
: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/agricultural-and-forest-meteorology/special-issue/1039GPTNSCG