International Forest Governance 2024

As part of GFEP's Follow-up studies  workstream, a new study based on the assessment report published by GFEP on International Forest Regime in 2010 has been initiated. This study aims to provide an analysis of the latest available knowledge on global forest governance, and is planned to be published in the first half of 2024.

Since 2010, the complexity of forest governance has increased manifold. New programmes and arrangements have emerged at all scales, and the interactions among them, including synergies and trade-offs, are often unclear. At the same time, forest-related global discussions and negotiations continue, impacting the future of not only forests, but also the livelihoods and well-being of people.

This new assessment will examine the main aspects of the current landscape of international forest governance, analysing and synthesizing respective scientific information published since the release of the global assessment report of 2010. Its scope will include an update on governance changes since 2010, including actors and instruments; an overview of the forest-related finance landscape; an identification and analysis of the relevant current discourses; and an analysis of the different governance designs for the future, including deficits and alternatives.