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TF Forests and Water Interactions in a Changing Environment

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Calendar of Meetings

The following activities are planned from 2019 to 2021:

  • Run three sessions related to forests, climate and water interactions at the 2019 IUFRO Congress in Curitiba, Brazil. These three sessions are:
    - "Forest Management Practices and the Responses of Soil Carbon, Water, Nutrients and Their Interactions", 
    - "Nexus: Forests, Water and Climate", and
    - "Tropical Forest Ecosystem Restoration for Water Related Ecosystem Services".
  • Jointly organize a workshop on landscape restoration, forest carbon and water in Australia in 2020 with another TF (Transforming Forest Landscapes for Future Climates and Human Well-being).
  • Jointly organize a symposium on multi-functional ecosystem management of planted forests in Nanning, China in 2020 with another proposed TF (Resilient planted forests serving society and bioeconomy) by Christophe Orazio.
  • Organize the 6th IUFRO international conference on forests and water in a changing environment in Beijing in 2021.   
  • Develop several special issues of international or regional journals based on the above-mentioned workshops and conferences.
  • Run a series of sessions in collaboration with other international organizations, such as FAO (the World Forestry Congress, 2021) and INTECOL (the 13th the International Congress of Ecology, International Association of Ecology, Geneva, 2021).


Publications and references


Global Reviews on Forest Management and Provision of Hydrological Functions
Edited by Xiaohua (Adam) Wei, Richard Harper, Shirong Liu. Special issue in Forest Ecology and Management.


  • Annual Report
  • Publications (publications in peer-reviewed journals)
  • Books or book chapters
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    • Guide sur la gestion des forêts et de l’eau. Études FAO: Forêts no 185. Rome. 
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    • Special Issue reprint book "Forest Hydrology and Watershed” has been published online in Forests, edited by Fan-Rui Meng, Qiang Li, M. Altaf Arain, and Michael Pisaric and is freely accessible on the MDPI Books platform

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