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TF Foresight for Forest Sector Planning

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Past events

Winter Conference of the Austrian EcoSocial Forum - Thematic Day "Forest Policy"; Vienna, Austria, 10 February 2016. Programme             

Proposed Task Force activities, deliverables and timelines

Four distinct activities and outputs are envisaged for the Task Force:

  1. A thorough review of literature relevant to foresighting and future scenarios in the forest sector – to be completed before end 2015;
  2. a foresight activity seeking to develop a series of 20-year scenarios to stimulate debate in the forest sector (say, for 2040) – to be completed by mid 2016;
  3. an analysis of the implications and opportunities for IUFRO arising from these scenarios – to be completed by October 2016; and
  4. a collection of resource materials (guidebook, etc) to assist IUFRO Divisions and members to conduct and benefit from similar foresight activities more pertinent to their needs – to be completed by mid 2017.

In all these activities, the Task Force will maintain a broad focus, encompassing inter- and intra-disciplinary aspects concerning forestry. Whilst some aspects (such as climate change) are predictable issues, the Task Force will also consider broader issues such as societal changes (e.g., impacts of increasing automation).

It is envisaged that the Task Force would complete its activities and conclude in September 2017 (at the 125th Anniversary Meeting in Freiburg).

Budget table listing major activities and funding sources

No funding has been secured, and it is envisaged that all participants will self-fund their activities. Activities will be done by email, skype and in conjunction with other IUFRO meetings wherever possible to allow maximum interaction for least cost.

Contribution to implementation of the IUFRO 2015-2019 Strategy

The Task Force and its outputs contribute to several themes and aspects of the IUFRO Strategy, especially Goal 1 Research Excellence (notably the action items to "Establish a foresight mechanism", and "Periodically share results of foresight with IUFRO network") and also Goal 3 Provide analysis, insights and options.

Cross-Divisional interaction and Complement and expand activities of existing IUFRO Divisional units

Each Division has been invited to nominate a participant in the Task Force, and good representation has already been confirmed (even though not all Divisions have responded). Where there is sufficient interest, we will arrange activities with Divisional meetings, but it is intended that the core team should not exceed 20 participants.

Irrespective of formal Task Force membership, draft versions of all Task Force documents will be send to all Divisions (and to other interested parties) for review and comment before publication.

Specific contribution to broader policy processes and interdisciplinary science-policy initiatives

The Task Force will provide a series of scenarios for 2040 that will stimulate discussion, and will promote and mentor the ability for Divisions and Members to conduct their own foresight activities. The Task Force aims to make deliberations and findings widely available, and plans to publish articles in refereed journals as well as freely-accessible internet-based instructional materials.

Send comments to Jerry Vanclay (Task Force Coordinator)