Task Force members

TF Resilient Planted Forests Serving Society & Bioeconomy

Task Force Members

List of proposed Task Force members, and proposed roles in the Task Force. Some national organization and individual participants could be not recorded near IUFRO, but they are experts involved in the Silva Mediterranea and needed to develop activities. 



IUFRO position


Hervé Jactel

INRA (France)

Deputy Coordinator 7.03.00

forest research, entomology, biodiversity

Dungey Heidi

Scion (New Zealand)

Coordinator WP 2.02.20

tree breeding and genetics

Fox Thomas

Rayonier Inc.  (USA)

Coordinator WP 8.01.03

Forest soils, tree nutrition; Sustainability of plantation ecosystems

Estraviz Rodriguez Luiz Carlos

University of Sao Paulo, (Brasil)

Deputy Coordinator WP 4.04.04

sustainable industrial forests management scheduling, sustainable tropical forests management, forest economics

Freer-Smith Peter

Davis university (USA)

Deputy Coordinator IUFRO Task Force Sustainable Planted Forests for a Greener Future.

Climate change, tree health and ecosystem services and science/policy interactions

Guariguata Manuel R.

CIFOR (Peru)

IUFRO Board member, president’s nominee

Tropical plantations

Faustine ZovedaFAO (Italy)IUFRO partnerPlanted forest, SFM, Ecosystem Restoration, International Commission on Poplars and Other Fast-Growing Trees Sustaining People and the Environment

McCarthy Nicholas

Waterford Institute (Ireland)

Deputy Coordinator, WP 1.01.04

Forest vegetation management

Neves Silva Luis

WWF international

IUFRO partner

new generation plantations; forest landscape restoration

Payn Tim

Scion (New Zealand)

Deputy Coordinator WP 9.01.05

sustainable forest management, criteria and indicators, climate change

Tomé Margarida,

ISA (Portugal)

ex Division 4 Coordinator

Modeling, inventory, forest resources

Wu Shuirong

CAF (China)

Deputy Coordinator WP 9.04.02

Forest economics, valuation of forest ecosystem services, international forest policy, payment for environmental services.

Joséphine Yameogo

CNRST / INERA / DPF (Burkina Faso)

IUFRO member

Forest ecology

Alain Bailly

FCBA (France)

IUFRO member

Breeding, nurseries, silviculture, wood quality, biotechnologies, economy, modeling

Vladan Ivetic

University of Belgrade (Serbia)

Deputy Coordinator 3.02.00, International council member

Seed production, nursery operation, seedling quality, reforestation afforestation

Luis Fontes


IUFRO member

Breeding, silviculture, climate change, forest protection, soils & water management

Alex Pra

ETIFOR - Padova University spin-off (Italy)

IUFRO member

forest policy and economics, sustainable and responsible investments, certifications

Chris Harris

shaktireforestation (Canada)

IUFRO member

Boreal Plantation

Paolo Mori

compagniadelleforeste (Italy)

IUFRO member

Broadleaves mixtures plantations

Almeida, M Helena

ISA (Portugal)

IUFRO member

Tree Breeding and Genetics, Silviculture – Plant production, Climate Change

Jean-Paul Laclau

CIRAD (France)

IUFRO member

Tropical plantations

Elisabeth Pötzelsberger

European forest Institute (Finland-Germany)

IUFRO member

Silviculture, Non-native tree species, Mechanistic modelling

Colin Dyer*

Kwazulu-natal (South Africa)

Deputy Coordinator 2.08.00

Hardwood improvement, culture and genetic resources

Donald Hodges*

University Tennessee (USA)

Coordinator IUFRO Division 4

Chair of all-IUFRO Conference

SFM indicators, valuation of assets, wood products trade, private forest management economics and policy

Krzysztof Adamowicz*

Poznan University of Life Science (Poland)

Deputy Coordinator 4.05.04

forestry economics, timber market, forestry policy

Roger Meder*

University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia)

Coordinator 5.06.00

near infrared spectroscopy, rapid phenotyping, properties of plantation wood

Uta-Rein Atebeh Lekah **

university of Yaounde (Cameroun)

IUFRO member Division 9


Klauss Kremer**

Universty of Freiburg (Germany)

IUFRO member

Plantation for biodiversity restauration

Koen Kramer**

Land Life Company

IUFRO contributor

C sequestration in plantations

Patricia Machado**

Brazilian tree industry (Brazil)

Support of the 2019 IUFRO world congress

UN development goals and forest plantations

Nelson Thiffault**

Natural Resources Canada
Canadian Wood Fibre Centre

Deputy Coordinator of section 1.01.08

Réseau Reboisement Ligniculture Québec

Alice Adongo OnyangoKenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)IUFRO memberPlantations development and related functions
Jim O'HehirUniSA STEM, University of South AustraliaIUFRO memberForestry, wood production and environmental management

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