Activities and events

Past Events

  • Tree mortality in the Amazon across local hydrological gradients: how water table depth may save or condemn trees as climate changes; online; 19 January 2021, 16:00 hrs CET.
    Speaker: Speaker: Flávia Costa, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (Brazilian Institute of Amazonian Research) - INPA, Brazil
    Dr Costa presented results of 20 years of investigation on patterns of forest response to soil hydrology (more specifically water table depth) during normal and extreme climatic years to examine the hypothesis that shallow water tables buffer forests from droughts and forests in these conditions may even be benefited by droughts. Dr Costa also presented some data on the hydraulic trait distributions along hydrological gradients to analyse the shifting implications to mortality during moderate to strong droughts.
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  • Global forest monitoring using satellite data; online; 17 November 2020, 17:00 - approx. 18:30 hrs CET.
    Speaker: Matt C. Hansen, University of Maryland
    Earth observation data enable the monitoring of forest extent and change from national to global scales. Consistent processing of time-series images has made possible the operational production of global tree cover extent, loss and gain products.  However, attribution of dynamics in the context 1) reference state, for example forest type, 2) change factor, for example fire or logging, and 3) outcome, for example land use type or natural recovery, is more challenging.   In addition to mapping, the requirement to perform robust sample-based analyses to report on all themes is underappreciated.  This talk will review our work on characterizing forest dynamics at the global scale using multi-source satellite imagery, including mapping and sampling, in the context of current operational versus future aspirational capabilities.
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  • Challenges and solutions for merging tree mortality datasets; Würzburg, Germany; 31 March - 2 April 2020. By invitation only
  • 2019: Inaugural meeting at the IUFRO World Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.

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