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  1. Managing eucalypt plantations under global changes
  2. International Conference on Ozone and Plant Ecosystems
  3. 4th International Conference on Reforestation Challenges
  4. 6th International Workshop on the Genetics of Tree-Parasite Interactions: Tree Resistance to Insects and Diseases: Putting Promise into Practice
  5. North American Forest Soils Conference – International Symposium on Forest Soils
  6. 11th IUFRO Workshop on Uneven-aged silviculture: challenges for increasing adaptability
  7. New Frontiers in Forecasting Forests 2018
  8. International scientific conference: "African forest-related policies and politics"
  9. 11th International Beech Symposium: Natural and Managed Beech Forests as Reference Ecosystems for the Sustainable Management of Forest Resources and the Conservation of Biodiversity
  10. Sustainable Forest Management for the Future - The Role Of Managerial Economics And Accounting
  11. Communicating Risks in Decision Support Systems: from basic research to advance decision support tools
  12. A century of national forest inventories – informing past, present and future decisions
  13. Adaptive Management for Forested Landscapes in Transformation
  14. Forest Biometrics and Modeling Research: Past Successes, Current Challenges and Future Prospects
  15. "Diseases and Insects in Forest Nurseries Working Party Meeting"
  16. Tree Motion and Wind Measurement Workshop
  17. Cool forests at risk? The Critical Role of Boreal and Mountain Ecosystems for People, Bioeconomy, and Climate
  18. Seventh International Poplar Symposium - New Bioeconomies: Exploring the Potential Role of Salicaceae
  19. 4th International Congress on Planted Forests: Planted Forests – A Solution for Green Development
  20. AForGeN 2018


  1. 7.03.01 - Reproductive structure insects & pathogens