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  1. 5th 2.09.02 Working Party Conference - Clonal Trees in the Bioeconomy Age: Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Managing eucalypt plantations under global changes
  3. 4th International Conference on Reforestation Challenges
  4. The 41st Council on Forest Engineering Annual Meeting: Revolutionary Traditions, Innovative Industries
  5. 11th IUFRO Workshop on Uneven-aged silviculture: challenges for increasing adaptability
  6. New Frontiers in Forecasting Forests 2018
  7. The Importance of Engaging Local Communities and Stakeholders to Increase Successful Adoption of New Technologies
  8. Landscape Management: From Data to Decision
  9. A century of national forest inventories – informing past, present and future decisions
  10. Forest Biometrics and Modeling Research: Past Successes, Current Challenges and Future Prospects
  11. Seventh International Poplar Symposium - New Bioeconomies: Exploring the Potential Role of Salicaceae
  12. WOODY CROPS 2018 - International Short Rotation Woody Crops Conference
  13. 4th International Congress on Planted Forests: Planted Forests – A Solution for Green Development
  14. International Symposium of SFEM2018/IUFRO 4.02.02: Combining Multiple Inventory Techniques and Management Science to Preserve the Forest Ecosystem for Future Generations
  15. 2018 Joint convention between Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST) and the Japan Wood Research Society (JWRS): Era of Sustainable World - Tradition and Innovation for Wood Science and Technology
  16. 18th International Symposium on Legal Aspects of European Forest Sustainable Development and Wildlife: Skills and Vocational Training


  1. 5.12.00 - Sustainable utilization of forest products
  2. 5.01.09 - Non-destructive evaluation of wood and wood-based materials
  3. 5.15.00 - Forest Products Culture
  4. 5.07.04 - Small conventional power systems