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Forests and trees cover about one third of the world's land base. They grow in different climates and environments and on different soils, and they offer various goods and services. The livelihoods of more than a quarter of the Earth's population depend on forests.


Scientists worldwide want to know more about forests and trees. They want to understand exactly how they grow, what makes them healthy, and how to use their goods and services sustainably. And they want to help them cope with impacts from an increasing world population and climate change.


People's well-being and prosperity depend on the productivity and robustness of the world's eco­systems and the services they provide. Scientific knowledge and research capacity contribute to ensuring a resilient and diverse natural resource base and support sound decision making.



IUFRO, the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, offers a global network for voluntary cooperation. The network is open to all individuals and organizations dedicated to forest and forest products research and related disciplines. IUFRO aims to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.


IUFRO is a global, non-profit, non-governmental and non-discriminatory organization established in 1892 with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. It unites about 630 member organizations in more than 115 countries representing over 15,000 scientists.

70 meetings are held on average every year.
IUFRO World Congresses take place every 4-5 years.

You can join any of the 9 scientific Divisions, over 50 Research Groups, more than 180 Working Parties and 9 interdisciplinary Task Forces. Get in touch with any of the almost 800 voluntary coordinators of these units!

You can also take part in activities of IUFRO's Special Programmes and Projects: Special Programme for Development of Capacities (IUFRO-SPDC); Science-Policy Programme (SciPol); Special Programme Directors' Forum (IUFRO-SPDF); Project on World Forests, Society and Environment (IUFRO-WFSE).

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XXVI IUFRO World Congress 2024
"Forest and Society Towards 2050"
Stockholm, Sweden,