Activities and events

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Calendar of Meetings

Upcoming IUFRO activities

The Unit is engaged in organising and implementing a string of sessions at the forthcoming IUFRO World Congress in Stockholm in 2024.

The Unit is engaged in the IUFRO Task Force on “Unlocking the bioeconomy and non-timber forest products”.

Past activities

  • IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress; Freiburg, Germany; Session "Sustainable co-production of wood and non-wood forest products" (session number 105). Units involved: 1.08.00, 5.11.00.  
  • IUFRO All-Division 5 (Forest Products) Conference; Vancouver, BC, Canada; Session "Co-Production for Sustainable Sourcing of Timber and Non-Timber Forest Products";  12 June 2017. Units involved: 1.08.00, 5.11.00.
  • 2012 IUFRO All-Division 5 Conference; Lisbon, Portugal; 8-13 July 2012. Business meeting: Report 
  • 2nd International Non-wood Forest Products Symposium; Isparta, Turkey; 8-10 September 2011.
  • The Workshop on NTFPs in Marrakech (2005) which was co-sponsored by IUFRO was significant in the fact that the Coordinator and Deputy of the Research Group on Non-Wood Forest Products were in the drafting committee of Global NTFP Strategy which is in the process of finalisation.