Publications and references


2018 Spring Webinar Series


Extension publications (selected)

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  • Leavengood, S. 2014. Wood Products Extension at Oregon State University - the Oregon Wood Innovation Center (OWIC). Wood Products Community of Practice.  June 13, 2014. Available at 

Peer-reviewed paper (Selected)

  • Lyon, S., Quesada-Pineda, H.J., and Crawford, S*.  2014.  Reducing Electrical Consumption in the Forest Products Industry Using Lean Thinking. Bioresources. 9(1): 1373-1386.

Conference paper (Selected)

  • Huka, M., and Gronalt, M. 2014. Production planning at a sawmill comparing optimization models with simple heuristics for a short-term multiperiod production problem. IUFRO Congress. Page 276 of the Conference Proceedings. Salt Lake City, Utah.