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Newsletter 2/2011, January 2012: Forest food, herbs and human health

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Colfer, C. (ed). 2008. Human Health and Forests. A Global Overview of Issues, Practice and Policy. People and Plants International. Conservation Series. In cooperation with CIFOR, Center for Int’l Forestry Research, in Bogor, Indonesia.

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1. Bibliographies:

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2. Reviews:

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        * A COST Strategic Workshop was held in April 2007 in Larnaca, Cyprus. Its purpose was to identify the extent of knowledge in this field and the implications for policy and for future research. The Workshop found that nature-based approaches can contribute significantly to health objectives in Europe.
  • O’Brien, L. 2005. Trees and woodlands: Nature's health service. UK Forest Research. (pdf)
        * Information and evidence supporting the use and enjoyment of woodlands and green spaces to improve people’s overall health and well-being.
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        * Summary of expert consultations on the connections between woodlands and the natural environment and public health and well-being held in England,Scotland and Wales during 2002

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