Expertise offered by Unit

Research interests of Unit officeholders

Steven McNulty

  • nitrogen
  • carbon and water cycling and modeling
  • non-antecedent impacts on forest ecosystems, beetle outbreak modeling
  • climate change and variability impacts

Anne-Katrin Prescher

  • the effect of air pollution and climate change on forest ecoystems and their functions
  • water and nutrient cycling in forest ecosystems
  • trends and effects of N and S deposition to forest ecosystems across Europe

Hiroyuki Sase

  • role of S and N deposition in forest area
  • monitoring and assessment of biogeochemical processes in forest area, especially for S dynamics on a catchment scale
  • assessment of long-term monitoring data on water quality of lakes and rivers in forest area in terms of S an N deposition effects
  • canopy interactions of air pollutants, such as S compounds and reactive N species