Task Force members and expertise

TF Transforming Forest Landscapes for Future Climates and Human Well-Being

Responsibilities and roles within the TF group



Role (activity focus 2019 – 2021)[1]

Shankar Adhikari
(Silviculture Division, Department of Forests, Nepal)

Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), Nature conservation, Social science

Activity 1, 2 (and 3)

Vianny Ahimbisibwe (Germany)

Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), Ecosystem Services

Activity 2

Dolors Armenteras Pascual
(Universidad National de Colombia, Colombia, Coordinator of the working group of IUFRO-IALE)

Landscape ecology, Land use change dynamics, Ecosystem services,

Activity 1 and 2

Gurveen Arora (India)
Deputy Coordinator of 1.01.10 - Ecology and silviculture of pine

Silviculture, remote sensing and climate changeActivities 1 and 2

João Azevedo
(Mountain Research Inst., Bragança, Portugal, Coordinator 8.01.02, Landscape Ecology)

Landscape ecology, Ecosystem services, forest ecosystem dynamics

Activity 1 and 2

Jan Bannister
(Chilean Forestry Institute, Castro/Chiloé, Chile)

Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), Silviculture

Activity 1 and 2

Andreas Bolte
(Thünen-Institut, Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries
Institute of Forest Ecosystems, Germany)

Forest Ecology, Silviculture, Climate change adaptation

TF coordination, activity 1 and 2

Evgeniy Botman
(Research Institute of Forestry, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR)

Activity 2

Michele Bozzano
(EFI Resilience Centre, Bonn, Germany, EUFORGEN Coordinator)

Forest genetics, Forest Management, Forest resilience

Activity 1 and 2

Kathleen Buckingham
(WRI, Washington, USA)

Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), social sciences, data sciences

Activity 2 and 3

Janice Burns
(IUFRO Headquarters, Austria)

Forest Education, Communication

Activity 1 and 3

Donato Chiatante
(University of Insubria, Varese, Italy)

Forest Biology, Forest ecology, Forest restoration

Activity 3

Dr András Darabant
(BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences)

Forest management, forest landscape restoration, community forestryActivities 2 and 3 

Mercy Derkyi

Forest policy, Sustainable development, Society and environment

TF coordination, activity 1 and 3

Anita Diederichsen (Brazil)

Ecological restoration, Forest landscape restoration (FLR), Nature conservation

Activity 1 and 2

Kasten Dumroese
(US Forest Service, U.S.A.)

Forest landscape restoration (FLR), Assisted migration, Forest restoration

Activity 2

Ernest Foli
(FRI Ghana)

Forest management, Forest restoration, Tropical silviculture

Activity 2 and 3

Monica Gabay
(Directorate of Forestry, Argentina, Coordinator 9.05.06, Deputy Coordinator 9.03.00, Incoming Coordinator of division 9)

Forest policy, Natural resources management, Governance issues

Activity 1 and 2

Manuel Guariguata
(CIFOR, Peru)

Forest landscape restoration (FLR), Tropical silviculture, Nature conservation

Activity 1 and 2

Sven Günter

Tropical Forestry, Forest Landscape Restoration

Activity 2

Markus Höhl (Germany)

Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), Remote Sensing

Activity 1 and 2

Louis Iverson (USA)

Landscape Ecology, Habitat modelling

Activity 1

Douglas Jacobs
(Purdue University, U.S.A., Coordinator 2.01.15 Whole Plant Physiology, Deputy 1.06.00)

Forest Regeneration and Restoration, Ecophysiology, Dendrology

Activity 2

Robert Jandl
(BFW, Austria, Chair 8.01.00 Forest Ecosystem Functions)

Forest ecology, Carbon sequestration, Climate change adaptation

Activity 1 and 2

Promode Kant
(Institute of Green Economy, India)

Forest Restoration, Subtropical silviculture

Activity 1 and 2

Rod Keenan
(University of Melbourne, Australia, Chair 4.04.08 Adaptation to climate change)

Forest management, Forest policy, Climate change adaptation

Activity 1

Michael Kleine
(IUFRO Headquarters, Austria, IUFRO Deputy Executive Director, SPDC Coordinator)

Education. Forest restoration, Tropical silviculture,

Activity 3

Shirong Liu
(Chinese Academy of Forestry, China, Vice-President Task Forces, Special Programmes, Projects and IUFRO-led Initiatives, Deputy Coordinator Task Force "Forests and Water Interactions in a Changing Environment")

Forest water cycling, Water management

Activity 2

Magnus Löf
(SLU, Sweden, Coordinator 1.01.06 Ecology and Silviculture of Oak)

Ecophysiology, Forest restoration, Regeneration

Activity 2

Sandra Luque
(IRSTEA, France Coordinator Division 8, Deputy Coordinator 8.01.02)

Landscape Ecology, biodiversity assessments, habitate modelling

Activity 1 and 2

Amina Maalim
(Kenya Forestry Research Institute)

Forest Landscape Restoration, Agroforestry, Climate change and adaptation

Activities 2 and 3

Palle Madsen

Silviculture, Bioenergy, Forest regeneration and restoration (FLR)

TF coordination,
activity 2 and 3

Stephanie Mansourian

Forest politics, Nature conservation. Governance issues, Forest restoration (FLR)

TF coordination, activity 2 and 3

Cynthia Miner
(U.S. Forest Service, U.S.A.)

Educational science, Forest education, Social science

Activity 3

Daniel A. Ofori (Ghana)

Genetic resources, Forest management, Agroforestry

Activity 1 and 2

Cora van Oosten
(WUR, Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation, The Netherlands, Coordinator of Global Landscape Forum)

Landscape management, Forest Restoration, Communication science

Activity 2 and 3

Jesse O. Owino
(Kenya Forestry Research Institute; Kenya)

Climate Change and Adaptation, Natural Resources Management


John Parrotta
(US Forest Service, U.S.A.; President IUFRO)

Tropical silviculture, Forest restoration (FLR)

Activity 1 and 2

Stephan A. Pietsch
(International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis/IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria)

Ecosystem modelling, ecosystem services, tropical FL

Activity 1

Brad Pinno (Canada)

Boreal Silviculture, Forest Ecology

Activity 1 and 2

Elisabeth Pötzelsberger (Austria)

Ecosystem modelling, Non-native Species

Activity 1 and 2

Maria Laura Quevedo Fernandez
(Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay)

Forest management, Forest economicsActivities 2 and 3 

Sabine Reinecke
(University of Freiburg, Germany)

Social science, Ecosystem services

Activity 3

Mika Rekola
(University of Helsinki, Finland; Coordinator 6.09.00 Forest Education)

Educational science, Forest education, Social science

Activity 1 and 3

Sandra Rodríguez-Pineros
(Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Faculty of Animal Science and Ecology, Mexico, Coordinator Joint TF IUFRO-IFSA Forest Education, Deputy Coordinator 6.09.00 Forest Education)

Forest Education, Communication

Activity 1 and 3

Carol Rolando (New Zealand)

Forest vegetation management, Forest protection

Activity 2 and 3

Somidh Saha
(KIT, Germany; KIT, Deputy Coordinator 1.01.06 Ecology and Silviculture of Oak)

Temperate and subtropical silviculture

Activity 1 and 2

Peter Spathelf
(HNE Eberswalde, Germany, Forest Europe)

Temperate silviculture, Forest adaptation

Activity 2

John Stanturf

Forest soils, Silviculture, Restoration ecology, FLR

TF coordination,
activity 1 and 2

Joo Han Sung
(National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS), Korea)

Forest management, Forest adaptation

Activity 2

Alma Lucrecia Trujillo Miranda
(Yale School of the Environment, New Haven, CT USA)

Forest Restoration, Tropical Forest Ecology, Socio-Ecological SystemsActivities 2 and 3

Giorgio Vacchiano
(University of Milan, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Production, Landscape, Agroenergy; Italy)

Forest Modelling, Forest Ecology, Disturbances

Activity 1 and 3

Khalil Walji (IFSA International Secretariat, Germany)

Forest Education, Communication

Activity 1 and 3

Xiaohua Adam Wei
(UBC, Canada, Coordinator 8.01.07, Task Force Coordinator T34)

Forest Soils, Forest water cycling

Activity 2

René Zamora-Cristales (Guatemala)

Global resource management, Forest planning, Economics, Reforestation, Agroforestry and silvopastures

Activity 2 and 3

Yuandong Zhang
(Chinese Academy of Forestry, China)

Forest management, Forest adaptation

Activity 2


[1] The activity focus is only shown for the first TF period from 2019 to 2021. Thus, the activities 4 and 5 are not included.

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