Annual Reports


2022 in a Nutshell – A Short Annual Report

Have a look at this brief annual report to review highlights and nuggets of information from IUFRO network activities throughout 2022. A full annual report will follow in spring 2023.

The first ever All-IUFRO hybrid conference on 21-23 September in Vienna, Austria, under the title "Forests in a Volatile World – Global Collaboration to Sustain Forests and Their Societal Benefits" was certainly one of the main highlights in 2022.

A major scientific assessment on REDD+ was published in May 2022 at the World Forestry Congress. It evaluates the world's progress towards goals to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and was prepared by IUFRO's Global Forest Expert Panels (GFEP) Programme.

Throughout 2022, IUFRO-SPDC's thematic networking projects strengthened collaboration among scientists and forest experts across countries and continents and mobilized funding streams supporting the forest science community in economically disadvantaged countries.

A total of 90 meetings and webinars were held in 2022. This short report lists only some of them. To see them all, please go to the 2022 calendar of events at:

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A full annual report will follow in due course.