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The drug Amoxil is an antibiotic drug of a wide spectrum of effects, which is characterized by an antibacterial effect that spreads to gram-negative and gram-positive pathological microorganisms.

The drug is intended for use in the treatment of infectious diseases of various localization. The drug Amoxil has a fairly low toxicity, but at the same time it is characterized by a good therapeutic effect. This makes it possible to use this pharmacological agent in pediatric practice with the least negative consequences for the developing child's body.

Dosage form of the drug.

Amoxil is available in tablet form. The tablets are white, a slight yellowish tint is allowed. 10 tablets are packaged in 1 plate.

Description and composition of the preparation.

In 1 tablet of Amoxil, the active compound amoxicillin is present in the form of amoxicillin trihydrate. The concentration of the active substance is presented in a dosage of 250 mg or 500 mg. Auxiliary components of the antibiotic drug are the following substances:

1. Calcium stearate;

2. Povidone;

3. Sodium starch glycolate.

Pharmacological group of the drug.

The antibiotic drug Amoxil belongs to the category of aminopenicillins and is characterized by a wide range of effects. Due to the suppression of the synthesis of cell walls of pathogenic microorganisms, a bactericidal effect occurs. The medicine acts on such types of pathogenic microflora:


2. corynebacterium diphtheria;

3. staphylococcus;

4. colibacillus;

5. Haemophilus influenzae;

6. enterococcus;

7. salmonella;

8. neisseries of gonorrhea;

9.neisseria meningitis;

10. shigella;

11. proteus;

12. clostridium;

13. peptococcus;


Pathogens that can produce penicillinase are resistant to the effects of Amoxil. The antibiotic drug is not active against such types of pathogens:

1. mycobacteria;

2. fungal bacteria;

3. plasmodium;

4. mycoplasma;

5. amoeba;

6. viruses;

7. Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The drug is characterized by good absorption. The highest content of the active substance in the bloodstream is observed after 2 hours from the moment of application. The half-life of the drug from the body is 1.5 hours. The main part of the drug is excreted unchanged by the kidneys.

Indications for the use of the drug Amoxil.

The main indications for the use of Amoxil are represented by various infectious lesions of organs and their systems, which are provoked by invasions of microorganisms that are sensitive to the described antibiotic drug. When using Amoxil, bacterial lesions of the following structures of the body can be treated:

1. Organs of the reproductive system;

2. Lesions of the urinary system;

3. Diseases of the skin;

4. Lesions of soft tissues;

5. Diseases of the respiratory system;

6. Diseases of the digestive system.

To increase the effectiveness of therapy for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, a combination of Amoxil and Clarithromycin or Metronidazolone is mainly used.

The use of Amoxil for adults.

The drug Amoxil can be prescribed exclusively by the attending physician. Self-designation and unauthorized change of medical prescriptions regarding the frequency rate, dosages and other things are unacceptable.

The use of Amoxil for children.

The medication can be used in pediatric practice. However, the antibiotic drug Amoxil is unacceptable to use in relation to patients whose age has not reached 1 year.

Application for pregnant women and during lactation.

Since Amoxil is a drug of the antibiotic group, its use during pregnancy is possible only under the direct prescription of a doctor in cases where the potential benefit to the mother outweighs the likely harm to the developing fetus. During lactation, Amoxil should not be used. In case of such a need, it is required to abandon breastfeeding of the child.


Amoxil has a number of contraindications, in which the use of the drug is strongly discouraged, since there is a possibility of causing significant damage to the body. The main contraindications to the use of Amoxil are the following conditions:

1. Personal intolerance to the components of the pharmacological preparation, as well as other antibiotic drugs of the penicillin series. In case of excessive sensitivity to antibiotics of the cephalosporin series, it is necessary to take into account the likelihood of developing an allergic cross-type reaction.

2. It is forbidden to use Amoxil for infectious mononucleosis.

3. You can not take an antibiotic drug for lymphocytic leukemia.

Application and dose of the drug.

The required duration of therapy and the frequency of use is determined by the attending physician. It is not recommended to violate the prescriptions of the attending specialist, since side effects are likely to develop if the dose is exceeded or an insufficient therapeutic effect when it is reduced.

Dosage of Amoxil for adults.

Taking pills has no dependence on food. For diseases of moderate and mild severity, the treatment regimen involves taking Amoxil 500-750 mg 2 times a day. In chronic recurrent pathologies and in severe cases, it is supposed to take 3 grams of the drug daily. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 6 g.

Therapy should continue for another 3 days after the disappearance of the symptomatic manifestations of the disease. Moderate to mild infections require a 7-day course of therapy. When infected with beta-hemolytic streptococcus, a 10-day course is required. Therapy of acute uncomplicated gonorrhea involves a single use of Amoxil at the rate of 1 gram of the active ingredient, in combination with probenicid at the same dosage.

In the case of renal failure, the drug is prescribed taking into account fluctuations in glomerular filtration and creatinine clearance values.

Dosage of Amoxil for children.

Children from 3 to 10 years old need to take 750 mg of the drug, which are divided into 3 doses. At the age of 1 to 3 years, it is required to take 250 mg 2 times a day. In chronic diseases and severe pathologies, it is assumed that 60 mg per 1 kg of the child's body weight is taken, the daily dose is divided into 3 doses. Children from 10 years old take Amoxil according to the dosage regimen for patients of the adult age group.

Dosage of Amoxil for pregnant women and during lactation.

If it is necessary to use Amoxil during gestation, it is required to assess the intended benefit to the mother in relation to the likely risks to the child. No teratogenic effect of the drug was found. The drug passes into breast milk in small concentrations, for this reason, for the period of treatment with an antibiotic medication, it is required to refuse to feed the baby with breast milk.

Side effects.

Amoxil is capable of provoking certain side effects. An allergic reaction to the components of the drug is expressed by the following negative sensations and conditions:

1. fever;

2. itching;

3. hyperemia;

4. urticaria;

5. Stevens syndrome;

6. epidermal necrolysis;

7. hyperkeratosis;

8. eczema;

9. angioedema;

10. bullous dermatitis;

11. serum sickness;

12. vasculitis;

13. anaphylactic shock.

On the part of the digestive tract, there is a possibility of developing such negative effects as:

1. attacks of nausea;

2. the urge to vomit;

3. dry mouth;

4. decrease in appetite;

5. diarrhea;

6. colitis;

7. flatulence;

8. changes in the values ​​of liver enzymes upward;

9. jaundice;

10. hepatitis.

From the side of the central nervous system, there is a risk of developing such disorders as:

1. dizziness;

2. anxiety;

3. sleep disorder;

4. head pain;

5. hyperkinesis;

6. fainting and light-headedness.

The hematopoietic organs are able to respond to taking Amoxil in this way:

1. hemolytic anemia;

2. thrombocytopenia;

3. an increase in the values ​​of the prothrombin index.

The urinary system may respond to Amoxil with interstitial nephritis.

Other reactions of the body are represented by the following symptoms:

1. candidiasis of the mucous membranes;

2. general weakness;

3. development of superinfection;

4. false positive results of urine analysis for glucose and urobilinogen.

Interaction of Amoxil with other drugs.

With a single use of this drug with hormonal contraceptives, their effectiveness may be reduced.

The absorption of digoxin and the toxicity of methotrexate are increased.

Excretion of Amoxil slows down when combined with indomethacin, acetylsalicylic acid, probenicide, sulfinperazone and phenylbutazone.

Preparations with a bacteriostatic effect neutralize Amoxil.

Antacids in combination with Amoxid reduce its absorption.

Special instructions for the use of the drug.

Before starting treatment, it is required to exclude the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Long-term and repeated treatment can lead to the development of superinfection or resistance.

Taking the drug in high doses provokes crystalluria; to exclude it, you need to drink a lot of fluids.

The drug is able to change the color of the enamel in children, it is required to monitor oral hygiene.


In case of an overdose, there are attacks of nausea and the urge to vomit, electrolyte and water balance disorders.

Storage conditions.

It is required to store the drug at a temperature not exceeding 25 ̊C. It is valid for 4 years.

Analogs of the drug Amoxil.

Amoxil has analogues, but it is not recommended to replace it with a similar drug without first consulting a doctor.


Ospamox belongs to the antibiotic drugs of the penicillin series. The active ingredient in the preparation is represented by amoxicillin. The medicine is available in the form of granules and capsules.

The price of the drug Amoxil in online pharmacies.

The cost of Amoxil online is on average from 40 to 120 US dollars. The prices for the drug depend on its dosage and the number of tablets in the package.


Reviews about the action of Amoxil can be read further.

Valentina: The doctor prescribed Amoxil for me to treat ENT infections. I have had chronic sinusitis for many years. Exacerbations occur annually in autumn and spring. After taking the antibiotic, I feel relief already on the third day. I read in the instructions about possible side effects, but I have never noticed any of them on myself. I always keep the medicine in my home medicine cabinet and I consider it one of the most essential medicines.

Angelina: Once I had to urgently see a doctor due to the lack of reaction of my streptococcus to another antibiotic. As an urgent replacement, the doctor prescribed Amoxil for me. It turned out to be enough for me to drink it for only 1 week to get normal tests. I was very pleased with the result, I did not find any side effects. I recommend this drug for taking.

Amoxil is one of the most effective antibiotics widely used in modern medical practice. If it is necessary to use it, it should be remembered that:

1. This drug must be prescribed by a doctor's prescription;

2. Its reception must be carried out strictly according to the instructions, according to which the doses and periods of reception are different for children and adults;

3. You should be careful about possible contraindications and side effects.