IUFRO's Strategy

Executive Summary

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) is the leading global network for forest science cooperation. It is the only worldwide international organization devoted to forest research and related sciences. Our unique membership brings together research organizations, universities and individual scientists, as well as decision-making authorities and other stakeholders with an interest in and focus on forests and trees.

IUFRO's mission is to advance research excellence and knowledge sharing, and to foster the development of science-based solutions to forest-related challenges for the benefit of forests and people worldwide.

With the Strategy 2015-2019, IUFRO addresses five research themes and associated emphasis areas, and three institutional goals. The following five themes aim to guide the science collaboration within IUFRO's global network in the forthcoming period:

1    Forests for People
2    Forests and Climate Change
3    Forests and Forest-based Products for a Greener Future
4    Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Biological Invasions
5    Forest, Soil and Water Interactions

The three institutional goals adapted from the previous strategy present IUFRO's commitment to research excellence and interdisciplinary cooperation, to better visibility of IUFRO's knowledge products and network cooperation, and to science-based solutions and options for influencing policy processes.

Goal 1  
Research Excellence: Strive for quality, relevance and synergies
Goal 2  
Network Cooperation: Increase communication, visibility and outreach
Goal 3  
Policy Impact: Provide analysis, insights and options

Attaining both thematic and institutional goals should help IUFRO and its members to effectively respond to the changes in paradigms concerning forests and forest science, and should help IUFRO to position itself even more strongly as the leading global network for forest-related research.