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IUFRO Announcements


IUFRO-Japan News No. 135

Read the latest issue of IUFRO-Japan News and learn more about the IUFRO World Congress to be held on 23-29 June 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden, IUFRO Research Group 3.08.00 and many other interesting things.

The IUFRO-Japan (IUFRO-J) Committee, is an organization launched in 1970 to promote global and domestic partnerships in forest-related research; it cooperates with IUFRO Headquarters.

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Other Announcements


Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition

The Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition highlights the power of photography in capturing the scientific phenomena around us, and the role great images play in making science accessible to a wide audience. This year's competition will be held in collaboration with the Royal Photographic Society. Participants have the chance to win an overall prize of £1,000, a full Article Processing Charge (APC) waiver, and the opportunity to be featured on the cover of a Royal Society journal. All category winners will receive a certificate from the Royal Photographic Society and a one-year Royal Photographic Society Membership.



Occasional Paper No. 37 - The Resilient Future Forest Laboratory Guidebook

A publication prepared by contributors to the "Resilient Future Forests Laboratory Initiative" led by the IUFRO Special Programme for Development of Capacities (IUFRO-SPDC).

Humanity faces triple threats from the loss and degradation of natural systems, declining biodiversity, and a warming climate. The UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Rio Conventions on climate change, biodiversity and land degradation highlighted the need for new approaches to managing forested landscapes. IUFRO has developed the Resilient Future Forests Laboratory (RFFL) as a global network of demonstration, research, and monitoring plots that cover large gradients of climatic and socio-economic condition. The RFFL Network contributes to meeting the demand for a more active role of forest science in designing future resilient landscapes by integrating trees for a wide range of goals and purposes.

The RFFL approach is conceptually simple: Compare current (Do-Nothing and Business-As-Usual) with Innovative Methods in large, operationally established field plots that have an underlying experimental design. RFFL plots offer a significant opportunity for synergy with Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) efforts, through piloting innovative treatments for monitoring and upscaling. This Guidebook is intended for anyone involved in proposing and establishing an RFFL Location. Scientists, practitioners, consultants/advisors, and landowners will benefit from this Guide, particularly in their interaction with staff of agencies, donor organizations, civil society, and nongovernmental organizations.

The Guidebook begins with background information and useful concepts related to RFFL (Chapter 1 and 2), followed by aspects of getting started (Chapter 3) and conceptualizing an RFFL field plot including selection of appropriate locations (Chapter 4 and 5). The guidebook then extensively explains best practices of RFFL field implementation including experimental design, various sampling techniques for vegetation assessments, biodiversity surveys, and stand dynamics (Chapter 6 and 7). Comprehensive guidance is also provided on measuring and analysis of data ranging from bio-physical to socio-economic information and associated planning requirements (Chapter 8 and 9). Finally, the guide outlines good standards on RFFL data management and reporting (Chapter 10), and provides useful templates for field measurements, budgeting, and references to other related manuals and guidelines.

John A. Stanturf

Published in June 2024 as
IUFRO Occasional Paper 37
ISBN 978-3-903345-30-0

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Non-IUFRO Publications


Journal of Forest Science

This international open access peer-reviewed journal is published by the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. It has been published since 1955 (by 1999 under the title Lesnictví-Forestry). Original results of basic and applied research from all fields of forestry related to European forest ecosystems and their functions including those in the landscape and wood production chain are published in original scientific papers, short communications and review articles. Articles are published in English.


Position Announcements


Post-doc at the Department of Biogeography and Systematics // 31 July 2024

The Director of the Institute of Dendrology, Polish Academy of Sciences, invites applicants for the position of Post-doc at the Department of Biogeography and Systematics. The following is required: 1. Doctoral degree in the field of biological or closely related sciences (awarded up to 7 years before employment in the project); 2. Knowledge about evolutionary biology and bioinformatics; 3. Experience in the application of techniques of whole-genome sequencing (WGS) treatment and computational methods of landscape genomics, especially genotype-environment association; 4. Hands-on experience with R; 5. Scientific output including publications indexed by Clarivate Analytics; 6. Proficiency in English (speaking and writing); 7. Readiness to participate in scientific expeditions and training; 8. High motivation for further development, creativity and ability to be both team-oriented and independent; 9. Very good work organization; 10. Submitting a declaration that after employment the employee agree to be included in the number of employees conducting scientific activity at the Institute of Dendrology PAS, in accordance with art. 265 paragraph 5 of the law on higher education and science; 11. Submitting a declaration that after employment, the Institute of Dendrology PAS will be the place of primary employment.

Institution:  Institute of Dendrology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Duty station:  not indicated; location of institution: Kórnik, Poland  
Closing Date:  31 July 2024


IUFRO Meetings


International Conference: The Forests Factor - More nature to fight climate change, and the role of protected areas

The international conference "The Forest factor" was held in Rome, Italy, on 6 and 7 June 2023, at the Roma Tre University, with the aim of placing the emphasis on the protection of forests, as an essential element in the fight against climate change, and on their vital importance for biodiversity, the carbon, water and energy cycles on a planetary scale.

Other Meetings/Events


Forestry AI 4th Webinar - Robots in Forests

Can you imagine AI robots working in complex natural environments like forests one day to help us do various jobs? Join the Forestry AI 4th Webinar "Robots in Forests" to learn about cutting-edge research applying AI and robotics in woodlands! We invited Dr. Philippe Giguère from Université Laval, Dr. WOO Heesung from Oregon State University, and Dr. Matías Mattamala from the University of Oxford to present their innovative studies leveraging advanced AI and robotics technologies to boost the future of forestry!

Date:  17 July 2024, 10.00 - 11.59 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
Location:  online
Organizers:  Walter Yan, Forestry AI International Society


University Courses, Summer Schools and Webinars


MSU Forestry Non-credit Courses for Summer 2024

The Michigan State University Department of Forestry is pleased to offer the following non-credit course options for Summer 2024 for individuals interested in online learning. These courses are a great fit for those looking to expand their knowledge on topics of forestry outside of a degree-granting program.

Forest Biogeochemistry and Climate Change
Session 1: May 13 – June 27
Biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nutrients within forest ecosystems. Disturbance, harvesting and forest management effects on the exchange of greenhouse gases between forest ecosystems and the atmosphere.
Contact: Akihiro Koyama, koyamaak(at)
Cost: $865
Level: Advanced

Michigan’s Forests
Session 1: May 13 – June 27
Ecological, social and economic roles of Michigan’s forests in historic and contemporary context. Geographic similarities and differences in forest resources.
Contact: Jarred Saralecos, saraleco(at)
Cost: $600
Level: Introductory

Introduction to Forestry
Session 2: July 1 – August 15
Historical development of forestry. Forest growth, protection, management, and products. Relationship of national and world economy and policy to forestry.
Contact: Jarred Saralecos, saraleco(at)
Cost: $600
Level: Introductory

Organizers: Department of Forestry, Michigan State University
Deadline for application:  The enrollment deadline is the first day of the course.

Fellowships/Scholarships/Research Funding


New funding call for Climate-Smart Forestry projects opening soon

FORWARDS will launch around five grant calls with a total value of EUR 6 million to fund 50 projects to set up the ForestWard Observatory. In the first round of grant calls to be launched in July, five projects will be funded for establishing new Climate-Smart forestry and forest restoration trials. Each project will be granted with up to EUR 150,000. Successful applications will result in projects that are expected to commence around the beginning of 2024, with a duration of maximum 18 months. Subsequently during the year and until the project end, FORWARDS will launch many more calls to fund projects across different themes.

In case if you are an organisation working in Climate-Smart Forestry, watch out for the launch at the end of July. The call will be published on EFI’s grants webpage.

FORWARDS is an EU-funded project that will prototype the ForestWard Observatory, a pan-European monitoring and evaluation tool that will help in demonstrating the impact of climate change on forests, guiding decision-making for practical forests management. FORWARDS has received funding from the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 101084481. The project started on 1 November 2022 and ends on 30 November 2027.

Details on the FORWARDS project:
Details on upcoming call:

Fellowship Programs


Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo Fellowship

Bioversity International established the Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo Fellowship for research on conservation and use of forest genetic resources in sub-Saharan Africa  to honour the memory and celebrate the work of Dr Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo. The Fellowship is awarded annually to a scientist from a university or national research institute in sub-Saharan Africa, with support from the CGIAR Research Program for Forests, Trees and Agroforestry. For more information, please visit:


IUFRO Awards

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Non-IUFRO Awards


BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards recognize and encourage world-class research and cultural creation, prizing contributions of singular impact for their originality and significance. Candidates may be one or more natural persons of any nationality, without limitation of number, that have made independent or convergent contributions to a given advance, whether due to a formal collaboration (with the nominees belonging to one or more groups) or parallel working. The awards are also open to scientific or cultural organizations that can be collectively credited with exceptional contributions to scientific knowledge, cultural creation, the fight against climate change or the conservation of the natural environment.

Organization:  BBVA Foundation
Submit nomination by:  30 June 2024, 16:00 GMT