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IUFRO World Congresses

The IUFRO World Congress, held at 5-year intervals, is one of the largest global forest events attended by more than 2,000 participants. It brings together scientists and stakeholders from all parts of the world to discuss scientific and technical issues related to priority areas of forest research, policy and management. It is interdisciplinary and integrative in scientific content.


2024Stockholm (Sweden)Parrotta (USA)
2019Curitiba (Brazil)Wingfield (South Africa)
2014Salt Lake City, Utah (United States)Koch (Denmark)
2010Seoul (Republic of Korea)Lee (Republic of Korea)
2005Brisbane (Australia)Seppälä (Finland)
2000Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)Burley (UK)
1995Tampere (Finland)Salleh (Malaysia)
1990Montréal (Canada)Buckman (USA)
1986Ljubljana (Yugoslavia)Mlinsek (Yugoslavia)
1981Kyoto (Japan)Liese (Germany FR)
1976Oslo (Norway)Samset (Norway)
1971Gainesville (USA)Jemison (USA)
1967Munich (Germany FR)Speer (Germany FR)
1961Vienna (Austria)McDonald (UK)
1956Oxford (UK)Pavari (Italy)
1953Rome (Italy)Burger (Switzerland)
1948Zurich (Switzerland)Lönnroth (Finland)
1940Congress cancelledLönnroth (Finland)
1936Budapest (Hungary)Roth (Hungary)
1932Nancy (France)Guinier (France)
1929Stockholm (Sweden)Hesselmann (Sweden)
1914Congress cancelledVadas (Hungary)
1910Brussels (Belgium)Crahay (Belgium)
1906Stuttgart (Germany)Bühler (Germany)
1903Vienna (Austria)Friedrich (Austria)
1900Zurich (Switzerland)Bourgeois (Switzerland)
1896Brunswick (Germany)Danckelmann (Germany)
1893Vienna (Austria)Friedrich (Austria)