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IUFRO News Vol. 49, Double Issue 11/12, December 2020

It's the Season to talk about Christmas trees! It's also the time to report about the many successful webinars, virtual meetings and online trainings in IUFRO, to present latest publications, announce new opportunities to get involved in future activities, and more…

Science and technology behind plantation Christmas tree production have developed rapidly in the last 20-30 years, particularly in Europe and North America. Learn about current trends and research needs in this interview with Dr. Bert Cregg and Dr. Inger Sundheim Fløistad, members of IUFRO's Christmas Trees Working Party coordination team.

The online conference entitled "Pathways of Forest Bioeconomy" organized by IUFRO Research Group 5.10.00 Forest Products Marketing and Business Management is only one of several examples of successful virtual meetings and webinars held in the last couple of weeks. Find out more in this issue of IUFRO News!

And read about the online course "Systematic Evidence Evaluation on Forest Landscape Restoration", a collaboration between IUFRO's Special Programme for Development of Capacities (IUFRO-SPDC) and the University of Oxford, UK. Participants were introduced to software and tools required for systematic reviews of forest-related science.

Of course, you will also find information about latest publications, the preparation of special issues of journals, position announcements, upcoming meetings and much more…


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