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IUFRO News Vol. 51, Double Issue 7/8, August 2022

Read an interview with the Chair of the All-IUFRO Conference Scientific Committee, find reports from a range of IUFRO events, learn about IUFRO's participation in international forums, get updated on upcoming meetings, latest publications and more…

"I am very excited that the conference in Vienna this September is the first IUFRO-wide conference we have held with an in-person component since the pandemic began and I am looking forward to seeing so many friends", says Professor Donald G. Hodges, Head of the Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries at the University of Tennessee, USA; IUFRO Division 4 Coordinator and Chair of the All-IUFRO CSC in an interview. "The themes and focus of the conference are the major issues we are facing as a research organization and society, and this is an excellent opportunity to re-engage and work together to chart a path forward", he adds.

One of the meetings you can read about in this issue of IUFRO News is titled "Foliar, Shoot, Stem and Rust Diseases of Trees - Forest Diseases During Global Crises". It addressed the threats that invasive forest pathogens and climate change pose to the health and sustainability of our forest ecosystems. The meeting discussed promising disease management techniques that are being developed to control forest diseases which include breeding, genetics, nanotechnologies and silviculture.

Demands on forests have never been higher and more diverse. The discussion on how forest management can be adapted to meet these requirements in the future at times of climate change is essential. This is one of the key messages resulting from the first Stakeholder Dialogue Meeting held as part of the IUFRO-Mondi Partnership. A Moderator's summary of the event "The Future of Pan-European Forests in a Changing Climate – How to Balance Wood, Carbon, Biodiversity and Energy?" is now available.


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