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IUFRO Spotlights


IUFRO Spotlight #91 - Forests and Water

This IUFRO World Day panel discussion provided insights into the science-policy-practice interface for managing forest and water interactions under a changing environment in the Asia-Oceania region.

The Science-Policy Forum provided a platform for scientists, forest managers and decision-makers from the Asia-Oceania region to share insights and experiences about forest and water interactions from different perspectives.

Among the significant challenges discussed by the forum panelists were the increasing competition for water resources, the positive and negative impacts of carbon sequestration due to large scale afforestation and reforestation, climate change-related shifts in rainfall patterns and capacity building requirements among civil groups at various levels to ensure competent engagement in forest and water management.

The online discussion was one of three science-policy forums organized for IUFRO World Day. (The other two – Forests and Fire and Forest-based Bioeconomy for All – will be covered in separate Spotlights.)

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