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World Series


World Series Vol. 19 – Global Forest Decimal Classification (GFDC)

This extensively updated bilingual version of the GFDC describes how to organize and retrieve forestry related information resources.

Global Forest Decimal Classification (GFDC)

Holder, B., Saarikko, J. and Voshmgir, D. 2006
Global Forest Decimal Classification (GFDC). IUFRO World Series Vol. 19. Vienna. 338 p.
Classification: GFDC: 0--014, UDC: 025.45

ISSN 1016-3263   ISBN 3-901347-61-5

An extensively updated bilingual full version of the English/German edition of the Global Forest Decimal Classification (GFDC).

The 400 page volume replaces the former Forest Decimal Classification (FDC) and Oxford System for Decimal Classification for Forestry (ODC). In addition to the 80 new numbers and 100 extensions of existing numbers it includes detailed schedules and comprehensive indexes in English and German, updated "place" tables and extensively revised insect tables.

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