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3.02.00 - Stand establishment and treatment


Conference Announcement

Advancing Silvicultural Technology
Umeå, Sweden; 22-24 August 2023

The objectives of the conference are to present ongoing R&D in the Nordic-Baltic region on forest management systems and technology and to discuss future R&D needs. Researchers, undergraduate- and PhD students as well as professionals from operational forestry, forest authorities and industry and other forest organizations are welcome to participate.

The Conference is free-of-charge, all-inclusive (coffee, lunch, dinner, seminar, excursion etc.). Participation at the Seminar, Day 1 and 3, including giving a 5-min flash-presentation, can be done digitally, in Zoom. Working language is English.


Mark Your Calendars for a Virtual Symposium!

Forest Seedling Root Development and Function for Reforestation and Restoration;
online; 19-21 October 2021; 8:00AM to 10:40AM (PDT, UTC-7)
IUFRO Units involved: 1.01.03, 1.06.00 and 3.02.00.

This IUFRO symposium is intended to provide a forum for exchange of ideas related to principles of root development in nursery seedlings and juvenile forest trees. Emphasis will be placed on the development of effective and environmentally sound technologies to optimize seedling quality and promote reforestation and forest restoration operations. Speaker topics will focus on seedling root development in the nursery and in the field. The program is aimed toward an international audience of nursery and forest practitioners, scientists, and educators. Presentations will be of excellent scientific quality while also providing new, useful information which can be readily and widely applied to nursery and forest practices.

The symposium is being organized by Western Forestry and Conservation Association, Purdue University, and USDA Forest Service with support from IUFRO divisions 1.01.03 (Temperate Forest Regeneration), 1.06.00 (Restoration of Degraded Sites), and 3.02.00 (Stand Establishment and Treatment).

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CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK: Silvicultural Technology Workshop

Skinnskatteberg, Sweden; 10-11 June 2020

The workshop is announced by NB NORD and IUFRO Research Group 3.02.00 and will cover two days, loaded with discussions about mechanized planting, sensor technologies, fertilization, drones and much more.