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European Forest Institute (EFI)

IUFRO and EFI collaborate closely with each other, both at an international level and through their member organisations and officeholders. EFI has been a member organisation of IUFRO since 1994 and is an observer to the IUFRO Board. The significance of the collaboration between EFI and IUFRO is highlighted by the fact that IUFRO is explicitly mentioned in the EFI Strategy 2025.

IUFRO usually attends the EFI Annual Conferences and EFI actively participates in IUFRO networking activities. EFI staff serve as coordinators of IUFRO Research Groups, Working Parties and Task Forces.

Joint activities:

Joint EFI-IFSA-IUFRO capacity building project “Global Student Networking and Green Jobs in the Forest Sector”, November 2018-April 2022.

“IUFRO-EFI Young Scientists’ Initiative”, 2018-2019.

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