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International Year of Forests 2011

Press Releases

New information on mountain ecosystems highlights need for investment, adaptation and resilience - CPF, 14 December 2011

International partnership calls for increased attention to forest ecosystem-based solutions ahead of Rio+20 Summit - CPF, 21 November 2011

Markets: the key to sustainability - Healthy national and international markets are essential for sustaining forests - CPF, 16 November 2011

International scientific experts confirm key role of forests for overcoming fossil fuel
dependence and mitigating climate change, but call for balanced approaches
- IUFRO, COST, ESF and BFW, 14 November 2011

Energy grows on trees: Global forest institutions highlight vital role of forests to cope with future demands for bioenergy, but call for balanced approaches - CPF, 7 November 2011

Forests, potential solution in the fight against hunger - CPF, 26 October 2011

As world goes urban, new focus on role of trees in cities - CPF, 3 October 2011

Ecotourism can play a vital role in maintaining healthy forests - CPF, 28 September 2011

Better landscape management needed to prevent forest fires - CPF, 9 September 2011

Increased forest threat from extreme weather - Improved forest management needed – CPF, 9 August 2011

Including indigenous peoples and traditional knowledge in forest management key to REDD+ success – CPF, 9 August 2011

International institutions call for increased investments for the arid zone forests - CPF, 17 June 2011

Trees and Landscape Restoration Can Help Deliver a 'Triple Win' - CPF, 23 May 2011

New web-based implementation tool to support forest protection and sustainable use - CPF, 20 May 2011.
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Forests are a path to sustainable development - CPF, 13 May 2011

Global forestry institutions call for more community‐based forest management - CPF, 22 April 2011

World Health Day 2011: Forests Provide Untapped Resources for Human Health - CPF, 6 April 2011

Forests are key for high quality water supply - CPF, 18 March 2011

Climate change highlights need for women to take greater role in forest management, experts say ahead of International Women's Day - CPF, 1 March 2011

Wegweisend für die internationale Waldwissenschaft - IUFRO, 21 February 2011

Community-based forest management key to success of REDD+ - CPF, 4 February 2011

Water security depends on forests and wetlands - CBD, 2 February 2011

Other Activities

International Forest Shorts Film Competition Call for Entry: Mensch Wald, Germany's official UN International Year of Forests campaign, has launched with an exciting contest that invites every filmmaker - in every country - to enter a short film about how the forest inspires them. Three finalists will win a fantastic set of prizes. Visit to upload your film. Or go to to view the full campaign and contest terms and conditions.