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IUFRO Podcasts

Branching out: the forest podcast branches out of IUFRO Spotlight (an initiative that introduced forest research findings in plain language from the IUFRO Network to the wider public), and to different disciplines and sectors, new potential members, and audiences.

With this podcast, we aim to break down complex forest topics so listeners can discover the role of forests and trees for people and nature. They can also learn what's going on in forest research.

The first season will center on the IUFRO World Congress 2024 and its themes. There will be 6 episodes in total (4 in 2023 and 2 in 2024 just before the Congress). We would like bring diverse voices and as many cases/stories as possible from around the world to the table in this 15-20 min podcast.

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Now available at Spotify and Apple Podcasts!