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IUFRO in Regions

IUFRO has been devoted to global science cooperation since its creation more than 110 years ago. Due to a rapidly progressing globalization of society, there is an increasing need to expand and intensify cooperation within regions as well as between the regional and the global level. To meet these demands, IUFRO has been promoting collaboration among its member organizations as well as with regional networks of individual researchers and institutions by various means.

It has established a system of regional IUFRO Chapters which comprise groups of IUFRO members in a geographic region seeking closer collaboration within the IUFRO framework. IUFRO recognized the Asia Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions (APAFRI) as its Asia Pacific Chapter and the Northeast Asian Forest Forum (NEAFF) as its Northeast Asia Chapter. It also maintains close cooperation with regional networks and institutions in Africa and Latin America.

IUFRO’s Special Programme for Development of Capacities promotes and supports science cooperation in regions by means of capacity development activities such as training courses and workshops in research management and extension; and collaborative thematic networking activities among scientists and institutions from different countries and regions.

In the future, IUFRO will strive towards further strengthening its cooperation with regional networks and institutions to promote synergies in collaborative research work and to further develop the research capacity of individual scientists and institutions in the regions.