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IUFRO Structure and Officeholders

The latest update on IUFRO Structure and Officeholders is now available!

Download the document - Status: March 2024

This issue gives you the latest update on the IUFRO structure and includes the contact details of all IUFRO officeholders.

As this information is subject to changes we will update this electronic version regularly for you.

If you experience difficulties in downloading the document or have any updates for us, please contact the IUFRO Secretariat at office(at)

Senior Officeholders

  • President: Daniela Kleinschmit, Germany - Biosketch
  • Vice-President responsible for Divisions: Woodam Chung, USA
  • Vice-President responsible for Task Forces, Special Programmes, Projects and IUFRO-led Initiatives: Elena Paoletti, Italy
  • Immediate Past President: John Parrotta, USA  -  Biosketch
  • Executive Director: Alexander Buck, Austria  -  Biosketch

Division Co-Coordinators

  • Division 1:
    • Teresa Fonseca, Portugal
    • Pil Sun Park, Korea
  • Division 2:
    • Santiago C. González-Martínez, France
    • Amanda De La Torre, USA
  • Division 3:
    • Ola Lindroos, Sweden
    • Rene Zamora-Cristales, USA
  • Division 4:
    • Donald Hodges, United States
    • Bianca Eskelson, Canada
  • Division 5:
    • Roger Meder, Australia
    • Franka Brüchert, Germany
  • Division 6:
    • Purabi Bose, Sweden
    • Justin Morgenroth, New Zealand
  • Division 7:
    • Tod Ramsfield, Canada
    • Maartje Klapwijk, Sweden
  • Division 8:
    • Alexia Stokes, France
    • Chabi Djagoun, Benin
  • Division 9:
    • Mónica Gabay, Argentina
    • Jinlong Liu, China

President's Nominees

  • Marilyn Combalicer, Philippines
  • Sandra Rodriguez-Pineros, Mexico
  • Lijuan Cui, China
  • Juliette Biao, USA
  • Wubalem Tadesse Wondifraw, Ethiopia

Task Force Coordinators

To be announced

Special Programmes and Projects Coordinators

  • Special Programme for Development of Capacities: Michael Kleine, Austria
  • Science-Policy Programme: Nelson Grima, Austria
  • Special Project on World Forests, Society and Environment: Pia Katila, Finland
  • Directors' Forum: Peter Mayer, Austria