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World Series


World Series Vol. 6 – Perspectives of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding in a Changing World

This volume presents an overview of selected research in forest genetics and tree breeding and is written for both specialists and scientists in related fields.

Editor: Csaba Mátyás

The aim of this volume of the IUFRO World Series is to present an up-to-date overview of some selected areas of forest genetic and tree breeding research. The review of problems of tree breeding, provenance research and conservation of forest genetic resources is dedicated not only to forest geneticists and tree breeders but also to scientists in related fields as a source of information.

The authors are all well-known experts in their field and the papers offer a broad overview on the progress and approach of current research in selected fields.

The volume is focusing on questions of practical breeding which is getting presently less attention than deserved. It should not be overlooked that increasing the production of man-made forests remains an important goal on a global scale.

Rapid population growth and ongoing devastation of valuable natural forest resources underline not only the need for conservation measures, but also the urgency to meet the pressure on remaining natural forest areas. This cannot be accomplished without finding a sound compromise between conservation and the use of improved propagation material in man-made stands. For that, tree breeding has to regain and enhance its reputation.

The publication contains original papers in the following thematic areas:

I.   Aspects of tree breeding
II.  New Applications for Provenance Tests
III. Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources


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