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Mon May 16 16:31:25 CEST 2011

Excellent, Gary. I particularly like the proposed theme of the next conference. I manage a team of scientists in Oregon and Alaska around the broad theme of ecosystem services, I periodically escape into my secret life as a silviculturist but this theme is a better match for most of my current work.
Looking forward to staying active in this RG. I'm also a RG coordinator for IUFRO 5.12.
Cheers Bob
Robert L. Deal
Research Forester and Science Team Leader
Ecosystem Services
USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station
620 SW Main Street, Suite 400
Portland, OR 97205
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Subject: Future Activities of IUFRO Research Group 1.05.00 Uneven-aged Silviculture

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Subject: Future Activities of IUFRO Research Group 1.05.00 Uneven-aged Silviculture

Dear IUFRO colleagues,

I am honoured to be sending this e-mail to you as the new co-ordinator
of this well established and dynamic IUFRO Research Group. I am writing
to bring you all up-to-date with our present activities and make sure
that you have as much notice as possible about future meetings.

However, my first task must be to thank Professor Kevin O'Hara for
leading the group with great distinction for ten years up to 2010.
Kevin welcomed me into the group when I attended my first meeting in
Zurich in 2001 and I know that he is respected and liked by the whole of
the Research Group. Fortunately, Kevin has agreed to maintain his
interest in the Group and I will be working closely with him in the

I would also like to introduce the two new deputy co-ordinators of the
Research Group. Firstly, many of you will know Professor Hiromi
Mizunga, who works at the Institute of Silviculture, Shizouka
University, Japan. Hiromi did an excellent job organizing the 6th
Workshop at Shizouka in 2008. The other deputy is Professor Eric Zenner
who is a silviculturist and works at PennState University, Pennsylvania,
USA and (I think) has been to all the meetings of the Group that I have
attended and maybe more!

Our last meeting was in September 2010 and was hosted by Professor Jurij
Diaci in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Jurij is currently working hard on the
Proceedings of the meeting, which will be published in 'Forestry: An
International Journal of Forest Research'
( in late 2011 or early 2012. The
response to the call for papers was excellent and 23 people submitted
extended abstracts for consideration.

Looking ahead, I am pleased to be able to tell you that planning is now
under way for our next meeting in November 2012. This will be hosted by
Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand. I am really grateful to
Dr. Glenn Stewart who will be co-ordinating the meeting and giving the
Group its first opportunity to consider uneven-aged silviculture in the
southern hemisphere. The provisional title of the conference is
"Uneven-aged silviculture: optimizing timber production, ecosystem
services and resilience to climate change". Further details, including
dates, will be available shortly.

We have also been scoping future meetings with the intention of
maintaining a good geographical spread and holding one meeting every two
years. One area where Hiromi, Eric, Kevin and I are aiming to make
progress is in linking with people working in tropical forests. If you
are able to help or have any contacts on this please let one of us know.

My last point is to ask if any members of the Research Group would be
interested working on projects between our main meetings. It occurs to
me that as a group of international scientists working on a subject we
all really believe in, we should be trying to make more impact on the
debate about the methods used to manage forests globally. If you would
be interested in pursuing this further please contact me directly
(gary.kerr at<mailto:gary.kerr at>) before the end of June 2011.

I would also advise you to keep up-to-date with activities within IUFRO.
A new strategy has been published for the period 2010-2014 and a new
Executive Director has been appointed. More details about this and the
activities of other Groups within IUFRO can be found on the website.

I am looking forward to working with you and hopefully meeting at future

Best wishes,


Dr Gary Kerr
Forestry Commission Research Agency
Alice Holt Lodge
GU10 4LH
United Kingdom<>

Telephone: 01420 22255
Fax : 01420 520558

International Telephone: ++ 44 1420 22255
International FAX : ++ 44 1420 520558
forwarded on behalf of Gary Kerr by Brigitte Burger, IUFRO Headquarters
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